About Head coach nancy, a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certified in CrossFit Kids. 

I started this program back in 2013 with my own kids (then 8,7&3years old) They were starting to lose the desire to play games, like basketball, because they were not feeling successful. It wasn’t enough to tell them “just have fun” because they wanted to improve. Through past experience I knew that strength had been a key component to my success, and learning muscle recruitment made all the difference for my ability and endurance on any playing field or court. At the time, I was a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, so I used my knowledge of foundational movements to teach my kids, and it was amazing how it worked!?!? Seeing them find success through this teaching method led me to become Crossfit Kids certified and begin teaching classes before and after school at my kids’ elementary school. “KidsFit” classes are now available at any and all Cherry Creek Schools, and this summer at GATC!! They have become stronger swimmers, better lacrosse, soccer & basketball players and balanced dancers. Their confidence has grown; they are proud of what they accomplish each class.  The invaluable community that forms during the workouts gives us confidence in our strengths and the encouragement to improve on our weaknesses. It makes cheerleaders and teammates of kids who otherwise would never play together. I have seen it happen and it is amazing how it can change a life. 

"Fitness improved my life and the life of my family.

I want nothing more than to pass that experience on to the families I teach."


About Our Fitness program

​“KidsFit” is based on one main idea: “teaching kids foundational physical movements will lead to a lifetime of fitness and health”. We teach them HOW to squat, lift, press and throw BEFORE we use those movements in games, obstacle courses, relays and more. This progression creates a positive association between FITNESS and FUN. We vary the movements every class but keep consistency in the method we use to teach them. The kids learn from experience and their strength and abilities improve each class. We scale every class to meet the needs of each student as an individual, encouraging them to improve their own performance from week to week. Enhancing their internal competitive spirit inspires kids to respect and encourage their peers and their self confidence expands as a result! 


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