Zero Hour Fitness

Available exclusively to MIDDLE SCHOOL students

ZeroHour Fitness "Physical movement and exercise spark biological changes that encourage brain cell growth".

Getting exercise in before school provides an unparalleled stimulus, creating an environment in which the brain is ready, willing and able to learn.

Before School physical activity has been proven to improve reading cognition and math performance.

When students learn HOW to efficiently practice and perform functional physical movements, fitness and physical potential will follow. 

Classes meet Monday Mornings



                 8-PACK $128

                  DROP-IN $18                        

Kids Fit

Available to all children Pre-K - 4th grade

KidsFit classes focus on teaching basic physical movements while having fun. Each class will use a variety of equipment and props to teach strength and cardio movements,scaled to each child’s ability and level of experience. Workouts will be disguised as games, races, relays, obstacle courses and fun! 

KidsFit mornings will introduce tools and equipment to the children and give them the opportunities to try something new, helping them to find an activity that suits them. 

Learning that exercise can be the best part of their day will lead to life long fitness and health.

Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday Mornings 7:30-8:20am


        8-PACK $128

        DROP-IN $18