for ages 11-16

The program is designed to introduce 11-16 year olds to the various movements and equipment in the gym

  • To build a foundation of physical knowledge so they can take advantage of all that Crossfit has to offer.

  • To prepare this age group for the new accessibility awarded to them when they are old enough to attend adult Crossfit classes 

  • The teen program is intended to work in conjunction with the programming that coaches program for the adult workouts.  

  • Crossfit Teen coaches offer specialized instruction on HOW to perform the foundational movements of Crossfit without injury.


Schedule is still being determined



​​                                  Elementary

                         KidsFit Classes 

                             for 6-10year olds
KidsFit is a fitness program, developed by a Trainer certified in Crossfit Kids, who is also a certified Colorado Teacher. 

  • designed to teach kids HOW to squat, lift, press and throw BEFORE using those movements in games, obstacle courses, relays and more. This progression creates a positive association between FITNESS and FUN. We vary the movements every class but keep consistency in the method we use to teach them. ​

  • kids learn from experience and their strength and abilities improve each class.

  • We scale every class to meet the needs of each student as an individual,

  • encouraging them to improve their own performance from week to week.

  • Enhancing their internal competitive spirit inspires kids to respect and encourage their peers and their self-confidence expands as a result!


Crossfit Kids Memberships now available!!

$100 unlimited classes monthly,

50% discounts for siblings